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UNLIKE POLES ATTRACT Debojit and Madhupee
UNLIKE POLES ATTRACT Debojit and Madhupee

Debojit Cupid struck early in our lives. We knew each other since the time we were in kindergarten. Of course, we did not fall in love then. Coming to think of it, we could have easily missed each other. We were studying in the same school, but in different sections. We would meet in the corridor, between classes. As our families were known to one another, we had a few things to discuss. The funniest part was there were no reshuffles and we never got to study in the same section. After ninth standard, I was packed off to a boarding school. And I missed the conversations in the corridor. After Class XII, we assumed that we were destined to be husband and wife. We thought it was inevitable. But would you believe it, we never proposed to each other? We were not alive to the possibility that life could take us in two different directions. I took up economics, while she opted for statistics. Of all the subjects, I enjoyed econometrics the most. Probably because it is about statistical applications of economics. We were forced to tell our families about each other, because her parents started looking for a groom when I was doing my MBA. There was pandemonium in both houses. They were actually taken aback. All the while, they had thought we were kids who were just having a childish chat. MadhupeeConsidering we are like chalk and cheese, it is something of a mystery how we ended up together. He likes to waddle in the waves on the beach and I enjoy looking down a mountain. We are reminded how different we are at every turn of life. I am addicted to hot coffee. He likes it cold. He steps on the gas, but I believe in defensive driving. Whenever we are on the road, there is a big fight. But most of the time, I give in to his whims and fancies. I used to hate blue, his favourite colour. But I have come around to liking it. I put it down to a woman's desire to please her husband. I think it springs partly from respect and partly from love. AS TOLD TO PRINCE FREDERICK




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