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ARTHIWhen we first met, I found him to be a great conversationalist. We were granted twenty minutes to get to know each other. But between this topic and that, about two hours sped by. We were alone in the garden and his dad was getting a bit worried. He came out and cleared his throat. Both of us have strong beliefs about how someone should behave and are therefore difficult people to live with. But we are two of a kind and hold similar opinions on many things. For one, we believe a husband and a wife should be allowed to be themselves and marriage should not put an end to hobbies and other interests that mean a lot to them. I am a quizzer and he has alwaysencouraged me to participate in competitions. Both of us like to gather information and this common interest has been a great bonding factor. We have a lot of things to talk about and that is good for any marriage. AJITShe has a special ability to remember a thousand and one anniversaries our first meeting, our first fight that actually brought us closer and so on. An avid shopper, she always buys something for me to make a day more special. Whatever she buys will always be something I need badly. For example, she keeps an eye out for nice sweaters that I can wear on my treks. I am hooked to trekking and every expedition keeps me away from home for a long time, but she does not disapprove of this. When it comes to gifting, I get repetitive. All these years, I have been giving her books because she is a voracious reader. She can probably tell you from memory the features of The Representation Of The People Act that the British Parliament passed in 1832, but can't remember the door number of the house she has been living in for 10 years. She is in the habit of losing valuables. We do engage in an occasional war of words, but resolve our differences quickly. I run a psychiatric rehabilitation centre and she, a school. We don't interfere with each other's work we don't offer any advice, when the advice is not asked for. AS TOLD TO PRINCE FREDERICK




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