The Flowery March (May 2, 6.30 p.m.) tells the story of a restaurant owner, Uncle Xu

Thei-Go King and His Son (May 3, 6.15 p.m.) talks about an amateur Go player Liu who's laid off and his son Xiaochuan, who stays with him through the difficult times

Light Rail No. 3 (May 3, 7.45 p.m.) revolves around a couple, Jiang Yan and Zheng Siji, who buy a house in the suburbs, and take Light Rail No.3 every day

Dongji Rescue (May 4, 6.15 p.m.) is about Charles, who's separated from his wife and daughter during war

Li Mi Conjecture (May 4, 7.45 p.m.) tells the story of a taxi driver, and is shrouded in reasonably good mystery