The Gauls are back

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TOON CHARACTERS Asterix and Obelix never fail to thrill
TOON CHARACTERS Asterix and Obelix never fail to thrill

The gutsy Gauls are back in action. Asterix and Obelix, the celebrated cartoon characters, return to the silver screen.The panorama is set in the year 52 BC. Queen Cleopatra has fallen in love with Caesar who has annexed Egypt.Disgusted by Caesar's mocking remarks against her nation and people, the beautiful queen with her famed nose lays a bet with Caesar that if she manages to build a palace for him in a span of three months, he will admit in front of the public that Egypt is the greatest of all civilisations.She chooses an amateur architect, Edifis for this difficult task with a condition that if he succeeds she will cover him in gold but if he fails she will throw him to the royal crocodiles.For this miraculous happening, Edifis takes the help of Getafix, the druid, who concocts the magic potion. Getafix with his two volunteers, Asterix and Obelix, along with Dogmatix, the dog, set out on their journey to aid Edifis in constructing the palace. But will they succeed? Artifis, the official architect of Cleopatra, who is jealous of Edifis, is looking for an opportunity to take revenge.And will Caesar with his powerful armies, headed by Tividinnus, let this project be completed on time?Slated to release shortly, hope this visual interpretation of the celebrated comic `Asterix and Obelix' manages to click with the audience like its predecessor. Incidentally, the film will be dubbed in regional languages.




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