The fight never ends

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Koogu, a solo performance by Anish Victor, combines movement, dance and vignettes of stories based on real events

Involves the audienceA scene from Koogu
Involves the audienceA scene from Koogu

Each of us has a “warrior” within. This warrior is called forth to deal with conflicts between who we truly are and how society wants us to be. It emerges when we have to negotiate violations on our identities, our bodies, our freedom and our lives.

Bringing together text, movement, dance, song, music and sound Anish Victor in a solo performance Koogu , which means to “call out” in Kannada, will take the audience through a journey through a series of vignettes based on real events, including some of the actors’ personal experiences.

At a preview performance held in Shoonya recently, Anish drew the audience into an emotional trajectory of what it means to ‘fight’ for one’s existence. Some of the personal stories he enacted and narrated were growing up with the idea that dance is “cheap” and eventually finding and expressing the “dancer” within; of the little joys of being part of the church choir; of the experience of being part of a school marathon and other, deeper personal experiences.

In narrating his personal experiences, sometimes gently, at other times with power and emphasis, Anish expands links them with larger socio-economic issues. He explores the constant ‘fight’ we have to engage with, which is at times aggressive and which at other times, has the quality of quiet strength.

Koogu bridges the gap between the performer and the audience with Anish involving them to be a part of the performance.

Koogu emerged from a series of conversations between Anish and Michel Casanovas, a dancer and choreographer, from France, who has been working in Bangalore and India since 2005. The duo examined what “warrior” means in its various connotations.

With Koogu , Anish who has an experience of two decades in theatre, evolves a completely different performance.

Koogu¸ produced by Sandbox Collective, will be performed at Ranga Shankara on April 19 at 7.30 p.m. and at 3.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. at April 20. Tickets are priced at Rs. 200 and are available on Call 8861907362.




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