The Cullen mania

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Vampire calling A still from “Twilight”
Vampire calling A still from “Twilight”

Smitten by Edward Cullen? Here’s why this character has caught everyone’s imagination

Does the name Edward Cullen just ring a bell or does it leave you jumping with excitement? If you feel the latter, you most probably have Cullen Mania!!

Edward Cullen is the impossibly beautiful vampire from the book by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, and its sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, which has just been released. Twilight is now also a feature film, starring Robert Patinson as the deadly yet desirable hero armed with features that can knock the breath out of you.

His angular face, high cheek bones, strong jawline, straight nose, perfect lips, bronze hair that is in casual disarray, dazzling crooked smile and a 6’2” body that is slender yet muscular, is the stuff every woman dreams of.

Edward’s character is so strong that you are left intrigued by the possible danger this angel could pose. His raw strength, speed and animal nature only add to the appeal. Not to mention his usage of outdated, 20th Century English.

The love for Edward only grows when his priorities shift to protecting Bella (whose blood is irresistible) than satisfying his thirst, the basic need of a vampire. And, fans of the gorgeous vampire are going wild on the Internet, with over 6 million hits on Google search.It is interesting to note the number of responses to Jacob Black on Google (over 23 million). The author loved the character, who was originally only meant to lead Bella to Edward’s truth, so much that she gave Jacob more space in Twilight.

Difficult choice

And so begins the question of who is more lovable — Edward or Jacob. Some like Nitya find Edward compelling. “Jacob is very human, but Edward is angelic. One cannot settle for a human after experiencing the angel.”

And yet, there are those who prefer the down-to-earth Jacob. Knowing his size and strength and the fact that he is a werewolf does not alter the way we perceive him. In fact a lot of our loyalties lie with him as he is easy-going and funny, even under stressful situations, and keeps the otherwise-serious plot light hearted.

Yet, it is Edward Cullen who takes centrestage as the love and husband of Jacob’s best friend, and the father of Jacob’s love Renesmee, who he imprints on. Edward remains the glowing hero of the book. Radhe, another Meyer fan, maintains that, to have Edward as a boyfriend and Jacob as best friend is the best thing that can ever happen to a person.





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