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CHAT Artist Milind Nayak says Akumal Ramachander is behind his re-birth as a painter HARSHINI VAKKALANKA

The tree in front of his old studio still continues to inspire Bangalore-based artist Milind Nayak. He is, at the moment, working on a series of paintings in pastels and oils, inspired by the tree and he calls it, “The tree of life” (“With apologies to Vasudev sir”).

“It was such a beautiful tree. And one day, without any intention of making drawings, I just took some photographs of it. Years later, I started working with the images on Photoshop and this is the third series which came out of it,” says Milind.

Beginning with a series of pastels, he is in the process of painting these images in large-formal oils on black canvases. This series, he maintains, is different from the series of works in his recent exhibition at The Coloured Palette.

“Firstly, there is a change of medium, and secondly, it has a slightly unstructured format. The earlier oils are very structured, the drawing was very tight. Here, I’ve started letting it flow.”

In these series of works on “The Tree of Life”, which is a continuation of his fascination for flat colours (since the latter half of the last decade), Milind makes use of technology as an expression of his creativity. He employed Photoshop to select flat areas of the photographs of the tree to create a “digital sketchbook” which he then referred while painting.

“I’m still doing this. But it’s a whole concept and it will change,” he explains. “I got the idea during an art camp in Pondicherry. I had finished my paintings on the first day, so I was sitting in my room feeling frustrated and stuck between painting landscapes and abstracts. So I began visualising some ways of seeing and portraying things differently. And when I came back, I just began working on those photographs in Photoshop.”

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