Art In their unique styles, four artistes present their perspectives on people, urban and rural lifestyles and mythology

Four artistes, each with a distinct creative outlook, have come together to put up an exhibition ‘International Studio’ that’s worth your time. Karen Rempel’s use of oil and acrylic in layers of washes gives her paintings a three dimensional effect. Sayyad Shaiek’s line drawings, lithographic and acrylic works present his perspectives of rural and urban landscapes and lifestyles.

Koeli Mukherjee Ghose compels you to look beneath forms and figures and draw your own inferences and Poosapati Parameshwar Raju’s works nudge the viewer to take a new look at mythology through calligraphy.

A subtly layered, three-dimensional painting of double helix (DNA) titled ‘Who am I?’ is an explorative and arresting work by Karen. The search for identity is further supported by a few lines accompanying the painting. Her other work ‘Message in a Bottle’ has a delightful play of colours, textures and tones. Karen has also displayed her oil-on-canvas series in which she paints views of Hyderabad’s Old City, its people, laughter and colours.

Sayyad Shaiek’s paintings show the path travelled by the artist from his childhood days. The rugged terrain of his village — Veerabhadrapet near Vizianagaram — is the backdrop of ‘endless path’ showing a child walking up a winding road to reach his destination, in this case a school. In black and white pencil sketches, with emphasis on intricate detailing, Sayyad also paints portraits of fisherwomen in a market in the city. On the contrary, his ‘nocturnal city’ series of urban and rural landscapes around Kolkata show a city that comes alive against the darkness of the night.

Parameshwar Raju’s calligraphy offers a mix of his old and new works on mythology. Different forms and facets of Sun God, Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati apart, the artist draws our attention to symbols like the chakra and the ‘shanku’. His works are devoid of human form and through calligraphy alone, he paints Krishna with the flute and Buddha attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

A few of Koeli Mukherjee’s paintings are from her previous series ‘The Dancing Coffee’ and ‘Of Being’. A fluid blend of form and abstract are characteristic of Koeli’s paintings. At the heart of her paintings is the female form, looking at the world around her and trying to unravel the complex layers of her surroundings. Koeli continues in the format in one of her new painting ‘What you seek is seeking you’ inspired by Rumi’s thought.

The exhibition is on at Twin cities Expats Association (TEA) House, Jubilee Hills.


What: International Studio, an exhibition of recent works by Karen Rempel, Koeli Mukherjee Ghose, Poosapati Parameshwar Raju and Sayyad Shaiek

Where: Tea House, Jubilee Hills

When: Till November 24; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Contact: Mathew Antony at 9441859067