T here is a beautiful reference in Eckhart Tolle's book – A New Earth; where he follows a lady who keeps talking to herself loudly and finds her entering the very place where he was working. Then when he looks at himself in the toilet mirror he realizes that all our Minds are as active and scattered as the lady he had followed with the only difference being that we don't talk loudly but “think loudly”!

Unless we understand the need to move away from identifying ourselves with our Mind (which can be done only through a higher plane of the Mind), we cannot move on to equanimity and happiness.

We saw in earlier articles that life becomes double faceted only when we start identifying ourselves with the Body Mind Desire consciousness.

Even the little step of realizing this and calming our Mind brings relative joy and peace but the primary need is for us (when in complete identification with the Mind) to realize the futility of many of our thoughts. The Mind is required to ratiocinate and comprehend issues and problems. For example, when faced with a problem, we need to understand the real reason or root cause of the same and also we need to understand what are the solutions to the problem.

As a next step, we need to evaluate what are the pros and cons of the solutions and then take a decision. This is very clear and simple logic which does not need repetition in an article one would think?

Here is a simple poser for all : If we analyzed the last 24 hours of before reading this article, how many of us applied this logic when faced with any situation leave aside a problem without either becoming angry or sad at why circumstances had arisen to create this problem or at the least blame ourselves (at best) or others connected to us or not (at worst) for having allowed or created this problem? Similarly we would have jumped from one solution to another and the moment we started feeling stressed we would have passed on the same to all those with whom we had interacted.

In the last 24 hours, the opposite would also have been true – we would have been elated at the relative success we had in either solving or avoiding a problem. We would have patted ourselves in the back (at worst) and expected all near and dear ones to praise us for the wonderful steps taken by us (even if it may not have any relevance to them) and sometimes rare persons may thank God (at best) for helping one resolve or avoid a problem.

If one did a time analysis, the maximum time would have been spent; not in analyzing the problem or the solution but in worrying about the outcome or what others would say about the same or the reverse of celebrating the outcome and feeling satisfied that others will now praise us.

Further, there is a mental expectation of wanting others to accept, praise and like us and our actions or lack of action also! Why does this assume so much importance? Because, it allows the Mind to affirm itself as the Master of relationships and interactions with the outside world. This allows a strong identification with itself and enables the Mind to shut out any event or circumstance which it cannot understand or digest as being unacceptable or irrelevant or even false.

An example which all of us know is that till Columbus went around the world, modern man assumed one will fall of the edge of the flat Earth! We now laugh at their ignorance forgetting that may be even now we are as ignorant as they were then but in other matters!

(To be continued…)

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