The better we look, the better we serve'

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EXCHANGING NOTES KK believes in concentrating on that one thing you are passionate about while Shaan (right) would like to check out everything
EXCHANGING NOTES KK believes in concentrating on that one thing you are passionate about while Shaan (right) would like to check out everything
As playback singers, Krishna Kumar (KK) Menon and Shaan are equally famous. But they are also distinctly dissimilar. From remixes to anchoring television shows and acting in films, Shaan likes to have a finger in every pie. KK, on the other hand, believes in sticking to that one thing your heart beats the loudest for. But diverse personalities such as these can make Take Two interesting, as Prince Frederick discovered. KK: Our careers began in an almost similar fashion, didn't they? Jingles came first. But before being associated with the advertisement industry, I tried my luck at a few other occupations. Shaan: I too used to do things far removed from music — tuitions, a sales job connected with cable television and then there was my own DTP business. Nothing worked out. In desperation, I told myself, `Let me do some singing.' KK: It is always the last straw that cracks it. (Laughs) On the Internet, there is a bit of misinformation about my early work life. (Laughs) But I should say it has not strayed too far from the truth. It says I once waited at tables. In truth, I used to lift weights from tables. I was marketing electronic typewriters. (Both laugh) Shaan: I can see you have also been lifting weights. I am trying to figure out how you work out those arms... Okay, let's take a photo (flexes an arm). KK: I want to pump iron.Shaan: In our field, the better we look, the better we serve.KK: (Laughs loudly) The Internet has helped me feel younger. According to a website, I was born in 1981. Excuse me, I have a 12-year-old son! (Shaan joins in the laughter). Actually, I have no complaints as long as it is not 1951. I have probably been confused with an actor with the same name. Shaan, have you ever thought about using the Internet to reach your fans and audiences directly?Shaan: Plans like this have been happening for ten years now. It takes time to sit down and figure out how to do it. We do the same thing and you must know how it is. As session singers, we are always on the move and churning out something all the time. KK: (Laughs) Yes. Sites are out of sight! Shaan: There is a family to attend to. Actually, you love to do that. But in the process, you have no time left for anything other than what is absolutely essential. KK: At times I have been amazed at the amount of work you and Shankar take on. You are always attempting something new. I did "Fame Gurukul" for four months and at the end of it I have decided never to do television again. Shaan: I admire you for being so focussed. In our industry, there is a lot of insecurity. People network all the time to make sure they stay on the scene. You are one of those odd ones out. You don't wait for the cell-phone to ring. KK: You have hit the nail on the head. My mobile is switched off most of the time. Shaan: You choose to do things at your own pace... KK: I have to be honest. I can't handle too much work. Shaan, tell me, are you one of those who believe Indian pop is under threat from more and more music from the West, thanks to the increase in channels on television and radio?Shaan: No. I believe people should be given opportunities to listen to all kinds of music. KK: Imagine all the channels playing only Hindi film music!Shaan: You can't put blinkers on their eyes and define a path they should take. KK: You also wear the actor's hat with élan. On the acting front, whatever you've done you have done with conviction. Shaan: (Laughs) You would not say that if you had seen my first film. When it comes to acting, I am not ambitious at all. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I am looking at something small, but interesting. Acting will always be something I enjoy, it will never become a career. KK: I think that makes sense.




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