Imagine a tea party for only artists and sculptors amid works of art based on only tea!

This is what is going to happen this Saturday at Travancore Art Gallery at 5 p.m. This event, India’s first, is also the beginning of a global concept of World Tea Party (WTP) organised by Canada-based international organiser of World Tea Party, Bryan Mulvihill.

This party arranged in association with Habiart Foundation is twin-aimed at “gathering like-minded people in art as well as creating awareness about tea-related works of art and artefacts, the history and development all over the world, art of traditional and ceremonious tea making and much more,” as Isha Mody, director of the art fair, states.

Adds Bryan, known as the Tea Man across the globe, “India is the largest tea producer and drinker in the world. So it made sense to initiate the concept in India. I organised the world’s first tea party in 1993 at the National Gallery of Canada, followed by Mindscape Museum in Japan in 1997, Los Angles in 1999 and Royal Academy of London in 2006 at the London Biennale. I am going to organise the next one at Eiffel Tower in Paris in May 2008.”

On April 15, he is going to organise tea party at Dharamshala for all monks, sadhus and road-siders “to initiate a dialogue on peace”.