Chat Martial arts practitioner Mehul Vora says this art form is all about mental sharpness

He has worked with likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol and John Abraham, and is Akshay Kumar's personal trainer. Martial arts practitioner Mehul Vora has come a long way since his days as a scrawny kid. “I was a weak and sickly kid, and always used to get beaten up by other kids. But when I started training in martial arts, things changed,” says Mehul who runs his own martial arts training institute and owns a disaster management firm.

Encouraging talent

With Akshay Kumar, he scripted the “Seven Deadly Arts” that ran as a mini series on the National Geographic channel. Along with Akshay, Mehul started the Karate Tournament in 2009. “We have over 4,000 children participating from across the country, and winners are sent to Japan to compete further,” says Mehul, who has also trained the Mumbai and Surat police.

He says martial arts is all about mind over matter, and it helps one take control of situation when in trouble. In fact, it is his martial arts discipline that helped him rescue the lives of four foreigners during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. “Martial arts helps deal with high risk situations when there is a sudden adrenaline rush. More than physical strength, it helps in mental sharpness to put up a good fight,” he explains.

Having choreographed action sequences for a lot of Hindi movies, he says: “Moves in martial arts are very practical, but, for the big screen you need to choreograph so that it looks flashy and larger than life, and yet authentic.”

Leading women

Mehul Vora is now associated with the ‘Guns and Girls Festival' on Star Movies this month — the channel will air action movies with women as the lead.

He insists that every girl take up self defence, and that martial arts be made compulsory in all schools. “Martial arts is a life-changing experience,” he says.


Martial arts helps deal with high risk situations when there is a sudden

adrenaline rush