Thanksgiving, the vegan way

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RECIPE Chloe Coscarelli's chocolate-pumpkin bread pudding is a rich and creamy dessert that's free of dairy and eggs

T he Los Angeles chef Chloe Coscarelli is best known for winning the Food Network's “Cupcake Wars” with her dairy- and egg-free cupcake recipes. But Coscarelli, also has a passion for vegan savoury foods, particularly at Thanksgiving.

“I have served an all-vegan Thanksgiving to the most die-hard non-vegetarians and no one misses the meat,” she says. “You don't need animal products to capture the spirit and savoury flavours of Thanksgiving on your table. I personally think that a vegan Thanksgiving is more exciting than a regular one — there's always something new and it's not just the same old spread.”

Here is her recipe for vegan chocolate-pumpkin bread pudding.

Chloe Coscarelli's Chocolate-Pumpkin Bread Pudding

This warm pumpkin bread pudding has a dash of spice and is studded with chocolate chips. It's a rich and creamy dessert that's free of dairy and eggs but will leave everyone feeling indulged. This recipe serves 14.


Coconut milk: 1 cup

Pumpkin, medium sized: 1

Brown sugar or maple syrup: 1/2 cup

Salt: 1/2 tsp

Cinnamon, powdered: 1 1/2 tsp

Nutmeg, powdered: 1 1/2 tsp

Ginger: 1/2 tsp

Cloves: 1/2 tsp

Cubed day-old bread: 10 cups (approximately 10-12 slices of sandwich bread)

Semi-sweet chocolate chips: 3/4 cup

Brown sugar: 2 tbsp

Powdered sugar for dusting (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 14 ramekins (single-serving ceramic dishes) or a fairly large baking dish.

In a blender, process coconut milk, pumpkin, brown sugar, salt and spices until smooth. In a large bowl, toss the bread cubes with the pumpkin mixture and chocolate chips until each bread cube is coated.

If using ramekins: Evenly sprinkle about 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar into the bottom of each greased ramekin. Fill each ramekin to the top with the mixture and lightly press it down with the back of a spoon. If using a baking dish: Fill the baking dish with the mixture and lightly press it down with the back of a spoon. Evenly sprinkle about two tablespoons brown sugar over the top of the bread pudding. The brown sugar will help the pudding to caramelise on the edges.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until the top is lightly browned. If using ramekins: Let the pudding cool a few minutes, then carve around the edges with a knife to loosen and unmold. Garnish with powdered sugar if desired and serve warm. If using a baking dish: Let the pudding cool a few minutes before serving. Cut into portions, then garnish with powdered sugar if desired and serve warm. The pudding can be baked right before serving or earlier and then reheated for eight to 10 minutes right before serving.






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