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EATING OUT Mahesh Lunch Home offers an assortment of delights for the seafood fan

Sample Prawns and crabsAt Mahesh Lunch Home
Sample Prawns and crabsAt Mahesh Lunch Home

Seafood lovers in landlocked cities like Bangalore get a raw deal most of the time. Fresh sea fish is seldom available and is often not cooked properly, unless one heads out to the fine dining options. Mahesh Lunch Home, a seafood speciality restaurant and a popular chain from Mumbai has launched an outlet in Bangalore. At the restaurant, we are greeted by an assortment of fish, pomfret, crabs on display at a small showpiece. We start with the soft lady fish tandoori.

It is done superbly, brings out the flavours of the fish with a slight smoky flavour and is very light. The surmai kolai, fish slices marinated with masalas and cooked in charcoal proves to be a spice-filled and full of flavour accompaniment. The rawa fish tikka comes with big chunks, is very spicy and extremely filling. We also gorged on portions of the tiger prawn tandoori, which leaves a superb aftertaste behind.

Before moving on to the main course, we also sample the tangy and hot cocum juice mixed with coconut combination. The manager says, “The juice helps speed up the digestion process and clears the system of any toxins. It will help you eat more.”

In the main course, we gorge on hot and piping neer dosas served with the tangy fish gassi. The fish gassi, with a tangy flavour makes for a meal in itself. The fish is done brilliantly, tastes heavenly and is very fresh and soft. If fish bones make you uncomfortable, you could opt for the popular pomfret fry, which the manager says is one of the most sought after dishes. The neer dosas and appams are served hot and fluffy and provide the perfect accompaniment to the gassi. I do not like eating crabs in restaurants, mainly due to the process involved in cutting it open. That problem is solved when the restaurant provides me a pair of crab cutters that allows me to attack massive portions of the crab curry served with rice. We finish with a portion of coconut kheer, with badam and other dry fruits added as assortments. The portions of the edible side of the coconut are also added making it a superb end to a meal. Mahesh Lunch Home is located at Cears Plaza, opposite Bangalore club, Residency road. Call 41311101





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