Tender mango time

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Cooking Think raw mangoes and various kinds of pickles come to mind. A few traditional recipes for you to try

Mango tango Tempting tidbits
Mango tango Tempting tidbits

S ummer time is the mango season. Besides the luscious, mouthwatering ripe mangoes, we can make different kinds of pickles with raw, green mangoes. Here are a few traditional mango recipes.

Kanni Manga / Tender Mangoes in Brine


Small, unripe, tender mangoes - 1 kg

Rock salt - 1 kg

Water - As required


This particular pickle makes use of very tender, small, unripe mangoes. This pickle is known to last for long. You can use the tiniest mangoes too. Take a jar, any kind will do, for instance a ‘Bharani' (traditional ceramic jar) would be perfect. Boil and cool some water. When the water is warm, add the rock salt so that it dissolves. Filter the brine.

Wash the small, tender mangoes. The tip of the stalk, or the knob should be included and not discarded.

Pour the saline solution in the jar. Drop the mangoes in the brine. The salt water level should be an inch or two inches above the level of the tiny mangoes. Close the jar.

The lid should not have even a trace of rust, so it is best to avoid using a metal lid. Store for two weeks. This lasts for a year to up to three years. The seasoned mangoes will take on a lovely olive green shade.

Kadugu Manga / Mustard Mango Pickle


Tender, small mangoes - 1 kg

Kashmiri red chilli powder – Three-fourth kg

Salt – Half kg

Crushed yellow mustard seeds - 1 cup

Gingelly oil - A little


Wash and keep the small, tender mangoes aside. Place in surface level salt water for three days for the mangoes to shrink. On the third day, take all the tiny mangoes from the salt water. Discard the salt water.

On the third day itself, heat the ordinary mustard seeds in a skillet. Give it a turn in the mixer. You can thresh it to separate the yellow seeds from the husk.

You can also buy the yellow mustard seeds readymade in the market. Keep two spoons of the yellow mustard seeds aside.

In a bowl, combine the red chilli powder, mustard seeds and salt nicely. Add the mangoes now.

Mix well and keep aside. In the ceramic ‘Bharani', nicely grease or wipe the insides, including the rim, edges and inside of the lid with warmed gingelly oil. Pour the mango mix into the Bharani.

Evenly level the top surface. Mix four tbsp salt with the reserved yellow mustard and sprinkle as a layer on top. Take a clean cotton cloth. Dip it in gingelly oil and place it inside so as to cover the mango mix completely.

Close with a lid. Cover the lid with a clean, old cotton cloth and tightly secure with a string.

Store in a dark, dry place for atleast one month before using the pickle .

Uppu Manga / Salt Mango Pickle


Sour, green mangoes - 1 kg

Rock salt - 1 kg

Water - As required


For this pickle, normal sized sour, fleshy, green mangoes may be used, ones in which “the seed has set”. This is a lasting pickle. Boil and cool some water. In the warm water, dissolve the salt. Filter the solution.

The saline solution must be two inches above the level of the mangoes. In a clean Bharani, pour the cooled brine.

Add the mangoes. Close with the lid. Cover with a clean, dry cloth and tie with a string. Preserve for three months.

Can be used in pickle form or added for some curries in place of raw mangoes when mangoes are not in season.





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