A marriage on television? Get ready to witness a reality show featuring Stephen Bradley Womack as “The Bachelor”, the man who has the opportunity to select his wife from 25 beautiful ladies? Season 11 of “The Bachelor” will be aired on weekdays at 9 p.m. The competition gets fiercer as the beauties get into an aggressive mode in their quest to win over this eligible bachelor, the owner of four bars in Austin, Texas.

The women mean business and they will do just about anything to become Mrs. Womack! There are cat-fights and conflict as the women battle it out to reach their goal and win over their man.

The show will follow an elimination-style format and as the season progresses, the going certainly gets tougher!

Besides the Bachelor and the potential brides, viewers will also get to meet the parents who will add to the bride selection process. It gets very traditional in the Meet the Parents round as anxious parents get to meet their future daughter-in-law.

The show has plenty of romance and euphoria as well, with individual dreams coming true and love blossoming for the fortunate few. Romantic overnight dates at exotic locations, hometown visits, happy reunions and a lot more is in store for the potential bride.

Catch “The Bachelor” - Stephen Bradley Womack, courting 25 women, as their journey takes many twists and turns and marks a beginning of their very own happily ever after story.