Merc gets intelligent with the headlamps for the new E-class

Significant improvements in driving safety can be expected by the new adaptive headlamps for the new Mercedes-Benz E-class. Developed by lighting specialists Hella, this Intelligent Light System, based on bi-xenon technology, actually adjusts to different driving and weather conditions during the course of a drive. The system is an option for the sedan and the estate and features five different lighting functions, which include country, motorway, active bend lighting, fog and cornering.While on 'motorway' mode, the light switches on automatically from a speed of 88 kph and a uniform light cone is produced stretching to 120 meters ahead and illuminating the entire width of the road. As compared to earlier headlights, in the centre of this light cone, visibility for the driver has been increased by 50 meters further than before. With the 'extended fog light' mode, Mercedes has improved orientation in fog and reduced self-dazzling due to light reflected by the fog.The 'cornering light' mode, an important component of the Intelligent Light system, increases safety at intersections and while driving slowly through corners. The 'active bend' mode, which was originally offered by Mercedes in 2003 has also been reworked, and works better to illuminate the far ends of corners while taking a turn - the headlamps swivel to follow the road! The ILS in the Mercedes-Benz E-class is based on the VarioX module from Hella. In terms of technology, this is a projector-type system with an HID lamp Several precisely calculated contours for the different light distributions are integrated on its surface shell. The command to provide the differing light distributions is sent by the intelligent control electronics to a small electric motor. Within fractions of a second, the corresponding contour rotates on the drum into the beam path and changes the light distribution. The swivelling bearing of the module guarantees it works perfectly for all light distributions. Sounds complicated? Trust us, it makes driving at night a lot easier though.