EVENT Exotic groceries, beverages and food items were on display at Le Marche store in Saket this past week

T o promote international foods in the Capital, Le Marche store at the DLF Place, Saket, organised a food promotion event in association with the Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI), this past week.

The promotion was aimed at familiarising Indian consumers with imported groceries and beverages that can be used in combination with Indian cooking, as well as experimenting with the traditional food habits of Indian households.

An array of gourmet foods from across the globe was on display for sampling by shoppers. From exotic fruits like dragon fruit, mango stem, Thai guava, pink melon to vegetables like green giant asparagus, Thai leek, red cabbage, flowering chives, pea aubergines and stuffed olives, there was lots to try out.

A wide variety of cheeses, assorted chocolates, tiger prawns, Spanish cold-cuts and meats, non-alcoholic beer, organic Tulsi tea, granola bars, sweets and confectionery, pasta, pasta sauces, pretzels, jams, soups, etc., along with a wide range of Diwali gifts, chocolates, beverages, jams, sauces and more were given out for tasting.

Exotic foods

The stalls displayed were nicely decorated to add to the festive mood and the tantalising aroma of these exotic foods managed to grab a lot of attention.

There were live pasta stalls which offered customers a variety of pasta sauces; roasted wasabi and prunes; hotdogs and sausages in garlic, cheese and onion and regular flavours; sparkling pomegranate, green apple and red grape juice and assorted chocolate hampers from Le Marche's in-house manufactory.

“We house some of the best international brands and specialise in providing a variety of cold-cuts, cheeses, chocolates and confectionery. The fact that Le Marche stores are very spacious and are located at prominent shopping marts across the city gives us an edge over others in the industry,” said the store manager.