Chocolate goodies come in all shapes, sizes and mouth-watering avatars

Happiness on a platter. And, in four flavours — dark, white, bitter and milk.

All it takes is a visit to the chocolate festival on at hotel The Residency to indulge in bliss.

How about a chocolate brownie ball for starters?

A heady combination of brownies wrapped in dark chocolate with a generous sprinkling of nuts and raisins — a perfect beginning.

Short and sweet

If all good things come in small packages, rum rich chocolate tart is definitely one of them.

It is a short- crust pastry, something like a biscuit, and for the filling you have bitter chocolate made into a paste by blending it with rum.

This tones down the bitterness, and tastes great.

But, why a chocolate festival in the month of July?

Take ’em away

“Our customers wanted it. Schools have re-opened and parents prefer to pack chocolates as desserts along with lunch for the children.

“All the chocolate pastries are available as takeaways too,” says chef Ashok as he takes us through the history of the German black forest cake.

Layers of cake sponge topped with cream and garnished with fresh white cream and cherries. It is melt- in-the-mouth delicious. “In Germany, when it snows, the black trees are covered with snow, and it is this beautiful snowy feel of the forest we replicate in the pastry,” the chef explains.

Eggless too

Keeping the health conscious crowd in mind, the chefs have gone in for fat free cream (soya bean extract) and cake sponge. On request, they also offer egg-less pastries.

And, the chocolate chunks have been imported from Singapore to ensure a rich taste to the pastries.

“We have used white chocolates for garnish. Foreign chocolates give a good glazing effect. Dark chocolate is solid, so we have used them for carvings,” he adds.

My pick for the day is the magical Australian chocolate pear gateaux.

It is a creative concoction of three layers of chocolate sponge mixed with fresh pears (the fruit slices are dipped in boiled sugar syrup and removed immediately to retain the crunchy taste) and chocolate tart (bitter chocolates and cream). It leaves you with an exhilarating feeling.

Say cheese

The aromatic chocolate cheese cake is delicious.

The crispy base layer, a blend of ground choco-chips and butter is sealed with a flawless spongy layer of cream, cheese and melted chocolates to ensure a rich taste.

The cheese cake is available in strawberry and pineapple flavours too.

If bittersweet has a new meaning, it has to be in the form of Swiss chocolate gateaux.

Excitement galore

An exciting choice of chocolate truffle, cake sponge and cream, bitter chocolate lends it a rich and creamy taste, suitably complemented by an outer layer of dark chocolate.

The choco-chip cookies with nuts and choco-chips buried inside are crispy, crunchy and chocolaty.

Chocolate base filled with truffle, chocolate roulade (flat chocolate sponge, home made chocolate cream and chocolates, all rolled into one), chocolate pyramids, French chocolate balls (chocolate brownies with cashews dipped in chocolate and rolled in choco flakes), white and dark chocolate fan tart, and strawberries dipped in chocolate are also part of the exciting festival menu.

Prices range from Rs. 30 to Rs. 75. The celebration is on till August 31. For details, call Baker’s Corner at 0422-2201234.