Tall claims and the real truth

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BUILD YOUR TRICEPS This exercise adds strength to your arms
BUILD YOUR TRICEPS This exercise adds strength to your arms

There are no shortcuts to burning fat or building muscle. Perseverance is the key

How much fat can you lose in a month? How much muscle can you gain in a month? These are some questions often put to trainers.

You are likely to have come across advertisements that claim they can make you lose 20 kg in three months. And then there are the guarantees given by some gyms that they will make a champion bodybuilder out of you in just a few months!

Says Chris McClinch, Arlington-based personal trainer, who specialises in physique transformation and sport-specific strength training,

“While losing weight make sure that you preserve maximum lean muscle. Do not try to lose more than two pounds of fat a week.” Trainers generally recommend losing about one pound of fat a week which translates to burning 1.8 kg a month. Trying to burn more than this is sure to affect your health.

As regards muscle building, a person with good genetics is likely to gain anywhere between five and 20 pounds of lean muscle during the first year of hard training, say researchers at Weider group, U.S.

The gain rate during subsequent years will not be very great, they add. The average rate of gain for any given person is about three-five pounds a year.

There are no shortcuts to burning fat or building muscle.

Although cosmetic surgeries remove adipose tissue instantly, they do not increase the metabolic rate (the rate at which the body burns calories). So, a person is sure to gain back all that has been surgically removed.

There are also no magic exercises, supplements or drugs that can dramatically build muscles within a few short months. Perseverance is the key.

Close grip bench press

Lie on a bench, feet flat on the floor. Hold a barbell with a close grip, 12-14 inches between the hands. Lower the bar to the chest level, and press it upwards. Gently tighten your triceps muscles at the top, without forcefully locking out the elbows. See to it that your elbows do not excessively flare out. Do not arch the back. Do not raise the hips off the bench. Inhale down and exhale up. This movement adds size to your triceps and builds strength for any activity that involves a pushing action.




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