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LIFESTYLE With World Heart Day fast approaching, here are some tips for a strong heart

LIMIT FATSIndulge yourself only occasionally
LIMIT FATSIndulge yourself only occasionally

With World Heart Day just a week away (September 29), it’s time to say yes to good eating habits and exercise. An expert shares some tips for a healthy heart.

*Eat a variety of food items, but not in excess: Different coloured vegetables and fruits, pulses and legumes, and low-fat dairy products are some ways to prevent your diet from becoming boring.

*Check your weight: Overweight can be the reason behind high blood pressure or diseases such as diabetes. To avoid these, it is best to keep your weight in check. Eat slowly and limit portion sizes, opt for low calorie foods, but those that are nutrient-rich.

*Keep away from food rich in fat: Use skimmed or low-fat milk and milk products. Bake, roast or boil rather than fry food.

*Eat food with plenty of fibre: Fruits and vegetables such as carrot, cucumber and apple should be consumed along with the peel.

*Avoid excess sugar: White sugar, soft drinks, candies, chocolates, cakes and cookies should be avoided. Don’t eat sweets between meals.

*Limit the consumption of sodium: Use less salt while cooking, try natural ways to enhance the flavour of food. Go with spices, lemon juice, tomatoes and curds, don’t munch on chips and fried foods too often.

*Don’t overdo push-ups or sit-ups: Such exercises could strain muscles.

*Don’t exercise outdoors in extreme temperatures. High humidity may cause you to tire quickly; extreme temperatures can make breathing difficult, and cause chest pain. Indoor activities such as mall walking are better.

*Exercising in hilly areas: If you are located in such places then slow down, especially when climbing uphill.

*If your exercise programme has been interrupted for a few days due to illness, vacation, or any other reason, start with a reduced level of activity.





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