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Mane matters Diet and lifestyle make a difference
Mane matters Diet and lifestyle make a difference

Working women should focus on their eating habits

Of late, there’s been a dramatic increase in hair thinning among working women.

Not without reason. It’s been proven that working women have more hair loss than other women, as they lead a more stressful life, straddling job and home fronts.

The stress can arise due to competition at office, handling family pressure or it can be premenstrual. The hair is at its weakest under premenstrual stress — greasy hair gets greasier, dandruff worsens, as does hair fall.

Further, problems such as anaemia add to hair fall. Owing to her various demands, the working woman does not eat as she ought to, and tends to snack on packaged food that could lead to anaemia.

A few conscious efforts will help tackle hair fall. Wash your hair every day and massage your scalp gently every night.

Let your hair dry naturally. But, more importantly, there are other things too that need attention.

For one, stop eating junk food, as a good diet has a remarkable effect on healthy hair.

Go in for food rich in iron. Never have your meals in a hurry. A 15-minute breakfast and a 30-minute lunch are a strict no-no, because, not just what you eat, but how you eat is also important.

Do not discuss office matters over breakfast and lunch — it’s your time! You can read a magazine or chat with friends over a light lunch.

Don’t forget your regular dose of dietary supplement. Sleep for at least seven hours every day.

In addition to hair care, nutritious food and good sleep, you also need a few minutes of quiet.

Turn off your phones for a few minutes every day, sit back and relax. Exercise daily to get rid of tension. It makes you look good and feel confident.





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