Swooning over men in uniform

Lachmi Deb Roy
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 OFFBEAT What makes women go gaga over military men?

They carry an aura of dependability, machismo, charisma, vigour, zeal and passion. They are immaculately groomed, poised and mostly donning maverick akin aviators. Their gait makes women go weak in the knees. What gives the 'man in uniform' his impressive chin up - stomach in - chest out stance?

Rangoli Dhighra, a naval wife whose eyes filled up with pride and respect while talking about her husband says, “All those years of physical training in the academy is the reason behind his upright posture, or then is it the values acquired on the way that give him his ram-rod straight spine? Well, whatever is the case, for me it begins with the 'bearings'. The distinct and might I say distinguished way that he carries himself is what I find most attractive about the man in uniform. The other most endearing quality in a ‘fauji’ is his behaviour towards fellow human beings. It takes a confident man, a man quite sure of himself, to openly admire, even emulate those ‘better’ than him and to be sensitive and compassionate towards the rest! His chivalry, his etiquette and his courteous demeanour is what sets him apart from the rest.”

Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, a young naval wife is all praise of her naval officer husband. She says, “In spite of their charisma military men have no qualms about giving women respect. Mostly they are great family men, sharing all household responsibilities whenever they are around. They are great husband and father material. Whenever they come back from their long assignments or deputations they make their women fall in love all over again.” Men in uniform are the best blend of all gentlemanly qualities. Taking care of household chores, washing the dishes, bathing the kids doesn’t hurt their male egos.

Military men have the power to command respect and the way they respect and treat a woman like a lady makes them draw the women’s attention. Suparna Sinha, wife of an ex-naval officer says, “They know how to treat a woman. They have style. They are passionate and they give woman the independence that they deserve. They respect woman and are definitely broad-minded.”

A soldier has been taught and groomed in such a way that courteousness towards women comes all the more naturally and that makes them all the more attractive. “They are generally more chivalrous,” says Priyashmita Guha, a public relation professional. To this Ananya Roy, a naval wife adds, “Men in uniform look gorgeous. There is smartness about men in the armed forces that no one can match up to. In fact I would rather put it this way that men in the Navy look the best.” That explains why Ananya is married to a military officer.

When a man is responsible towards the country and towards his family and treats women with due respect makes them appear all the more attractive. Ruby Roy, wife of an army officer says with a sparkle in her eye, “I remember my first date with my husband. It was a cold winter evening. He had taken me to their officers club for dinner. It was a complete outdoor set up by the sea. I was so touched by his gestures; the way he pulled the chair for me, took off his coat and put it around me and the way he introduced me to his course-mates. His friends also were talking to me with so much respect and dignity and addressing me as ma’am. That was the most memorable evening in my life. Even till date the way my husband respects me and the way he respects the others in my family makes me fall in love with him again and again.”

The word 'respect' is synonymous with the 'man in uniform'. For it is something he earns in abundance, perhaps because it is also what he extends to others in abundance as well. Proyashi Barua, a journalist by profession has her own view about men in uniform, “A uniform at one level is intrinsically associated with responsibility and valour -- qualities that women in general desire from men. But by merely donning the uniform does not make him a gentleman. You should have it in your blood and upbringing to be a gentleman!”

Lachmi Deb Roy




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