FOOD STATION Here is your chance to experience Swiss delights

Executive Chef Marin Leuthard, who has recently joined Hyatt Regency New Delhi, shares with our readers two Swiss dishes, one of his favourite international cuisines which he says he gradually perfected through regular food promotions in different locations. These dishes will soon be a part of the special Stammtisch menu that is held every last Thursday of the month at Café, Hyatt Regency Delhi, from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Emince De Veau Zurichoise

Serves 10 persons


Veal tenderloin – 800 grams

Corn oil — 0.05 litres

Rock salt — a pinch

Ground pepper — a pinch

For the sauce

Butter — 4 grams

Onion — 5 grams

Champignons — 4 grams

White wine —0.2 litres

Demi glace — 0.2 litres

Cream — 0.2 litres

Parsley (chopped) — 2 grams


Cut the veal in strips and dust in flour. Chop the onions fine. Whip the cream half stiff. Brush champignons and wash and slice them. Wash the parsley well.

First, sauté the veal, then the kidneys, take aside. Heat the butter in sauté-use pan, sauté the onion and the champignons.

Pour the white wine and reduce to half. Add Demi glace, boil and pour the half-whipped cream. Add the veal and do not bring it to boil, just simmer, season it with salt and pepper and serve right away. Garnish with parsley.


Serves 4 persons


Siedfleisch, cube roll — 1 kg

White meat stock or vegetables

stock (bouillon) — 5 litres

Bay leaves

Onion (large) — 1

Shallots — 2

Red radish (thinly sliced) — 1

For the sauce

Mustard — 45 ml

Herb vinaigrette — 45 ml

90 ml Sunflower or corn oil — 90 ml

Cornichons — 150 grams

Fresh herbs, parsley, chive, thyme — 1 bunch

Olive oil — 60 ml


Bring the bouillon to a boil, add cube roll, onion and bay leaves, and simmer for approximately two hours (until the meat is soft).

Take the meat aside and let it cool. Arrange with a slicer machine very thin slice of the meat.

Wisk together the mustard, the vinegar and the oil.

Add the sliced meat, shallots and herbs.