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BRISK SALES There's something for everyone at the sweet shops
BRISK SALES There's something for everyone at the sweet shops

What's new at sweet shops in the city for the festive season? Read on

It's that time of the year again when sweet cravings can be satisfied without guilt and the question of controlling your sweet tooth doesn't arise. Diwali is here and an array of mouth-watering sweets is laid out in shops across the city. Shoppers throng these busy, bright stores, some sampling newer options and others sticking to traditional favourites, some buying in bulk for businesses and others in small amounts for near and dear ones. Milk sweets, ghee sweets, sweets of various combinations of kaju, badam, pista and figs and fruit baskets... there is something for everyone at Chennai's best sweet shops this year.Gangotree Sweets is filled to the brim with inventive combinations of badam and kaju with flavourful additions like pista, kesar, fig and even masala. For example, their `badam combination' platter contains badam-pista rolls, kaju-dry fruit katoris and kaju-kesar rolls. Other interesting kaju alternatives to the usual katli include the kaju daweli consisting of kaju and badam with a special masala inside and kaju paan. Also look for some creative displays at the store which will be selling specially designed kaju sweets in the shape of flowers and vegetables.

Traditional sweets

If traditional south Indian sweets are closest to your heart, then Grand Sweets and Snacks is the way to go. With a Diwali list of nearly 40 items, Grand Sweets is well-stocked with favourites from athirasam and jangri to laddu and peda. But also keep an eye out for their special Diwali sweets such as pandari laddu, dry fruit cup and chakkam kalhali. Adyar Ananda Bhavan caters to the growing health and fitness fad with their line of natural, healthy sweets without sugar, milk or ghee, which they say is their fastest moving assortment of sweets this festive season. It includes items like dry fruit chickoo, honey dew, pista cool and kaju jamun. They also have a range of sweets for diabetics. Who says that indulging your sweet cravings is unhealthy?An emphasis on health and quality is also Suriya sweets' main concern. Using honey and pure ghee in their sweets, this shop's specialities include carrot, badam and kaju mysurpa, as well as pineapple and cashew halwa. They have newly introduced kaju and badam burfis as an alternative to the usual katlis. Other kaju specials are kaju date, kaju fig and kaju watermelon. A Diwali gift for those who are especially health-conscious could be Fresh Ooty fruit baskets from Suriya Greens.With all this and more, Chennai-ites are spoilt for choice of sweets. So go ahead and indulge yourself; Diwali comes but once a year!DIVYA KUMAR




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