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TV A new series that features stories on climatic changes and how people are tackling them

Melting glaciers; increasing sea levels; long and severe droughts and increase in natural disasters — these are some of the known consequences of global warming. Discovery HD World brings a new series I have seen the Earth change that travels around the world to showcase how climatic changes are affecting the lives of people. How are the natives coping, what threats are they facing and what solutions have they found to maintain a sustainable activity on the land of their ancestors?

The series premieres on February 19 and will be telecast on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

I have seen the Earth change takes viewers on a voyage to different countries such as Bolivia, Australia, Mali, Canada and more, where people have adapted their lives according to the changes in the atmosphere. They face a formidable fight, but mankind’s capacity for adaptation shows there is still hope.

In Norway, the native Lapp people who lost their livestock due to continuous increase of temperatures and shortening of the icy season have switched to raising their herds in farms. In Egypt, Manar Ezat, the first female professor specialised in fish farming, has been advising the fish farmers along the Nile delta to develop and live from this new agro-industry. Lien Tran Thi Kim from Vietnam is an agronomist-forester who has taken on a re-forestation mission in an effort to reduce the destructive effects of natural disasters. Through testimonies and human-stories, the series inspires viewers on the affects of global changes from a local and multicultural perspective.




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