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Event Survival Instincts will hold a self-defence workshop for working women on March 8

Defence techniquesA training session in progress
Defence techniquesA training session in progress

Aposter packed with pithy write-ups on how to avoid ‘predators’. And another, with neat sketches of two in a tussle with the weaker having the upper hand. The theme of safety for women underpins both these posters, prepared by Survival Instincts (SI) for a workshop.

To be launched on March 8 (Women’s Day), ‘Smart’ Self Defense Workshop for Working Women, deals with “self-defence measures, identifying criminals and sexual predators, pros and cons of using tasers, stun guns and pepper sprays and preventing, deterring and diffusing dangerous situations and confrontations,” among other things.

The self-defence section offers safety techniques found in a range of martial arts. For example, the ‘Onion Palm’, where the victim uses “the heel of her palm to punch the lower-most area of the assailant’s nose”, is present in different forms in Krav Maga and Kung Fu. Another attack, where the victim uses “the really bony part of her elbow for a telling blow to the assailant’s temple”, is found in Karate and Muay Thai. The self-defence package is built on the assumption that the participant has no prior training in martial arts, nor the time required to master a martial art.

Anoop Madhavan, founder of Survival Instincts and someone who has served as a logistics scientist in disaster relief section of the United States Army Corps of Engineers as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will spearhead the workshop. He says, “Disturbed by the recent spate of attacks against women, the enrolled want to learn self-defence techniques rooted in martial arts. In addition to these, they will be taught something better — techniques to keep potential assailants at bay. This package includes lessons on being alert, heeding one’s gut instinct and dos and don’ts to avoid crisis situations. The workshop also deals with worst-case scenarios — such as what to and what not to do, after something as harrowing as an acid attack. Washing the injuries from an acid attack with ‘cool’, not cold, water for 20 to 30 minutes will reduce the possibility of secondary complications.”

In line with this, the workshop deals with outwitting potential predators. Instructions include how putting on a brave look can deter attackers. Here, the effectiveness of certain techniques — such as maintaining eye contact and keeping a stern and loud voice — are discussed.

The launch and first edition of the workshop will take place at Taj Club House on March 8 (from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m). For details, log on to





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