SUNIDHI CHAUHAN and RAGHAV SACHHAR rocked the audience at University Stadium

It was a huge gathering at the University Stadium that waited with bated breath for their diva Sunidhi Chauhan to appear on stage as part of the `Idea Rocks India' tour of the nation. However the audience were left waiting as the first to take on the stage were the finalists of Idea Star Singer.Kottayam Nazeer had the audience in splits with his mimicry act. Tracing the evolution of the media from the radio to the current favourite, television, the comedian took a dig at the present day style of reporting. Superstars and politicians were not spared either. Raghav Sachhar of the `Kabul Express' fame brought the audience back to life with his amazing display of mastery over a host of instruments. Apart from `Kabul Fiza,' that had the audience rocking, Raghav's musical instrumental potpourri had everyone tapping their feet as he juggled the flute, saxophone and trumpet on the stage with ease.

The Diva

Despite a mind-blowing performance from Raghav, it was Sunidhi that the audience wanted on stage. "You know, I have an extremely bad throat and yet I have to perform. That is a drawback of being performer, the show must go on even if you are unwell or in a bad mood. People paid for their tickets and want their value for money and you have to give it to them. Besides, it's all in the mind. If you think you are unwell, then you are," says Sunidhi. Dressed in a denim skirt and a black t-shirt with `S' emblazoned on it, the singer says she is glad to be back in the city. "I came here 10 years ago for a performance after winning Mera Awaz Suno. I was a kid then, now I am a woman." Sunidhi who is busy working on `Cash,' `Ram Gopal Varma's Sholay,' `Just Married,' to name a few says she is comfortable singing all kinds of music. She is however on the lookout on what really is her kind of music. "I'm planning an album, in which I will be `myself' in it. I don't know what it is yet. I believe in going with the flow, so let's see. The album will be a sort of self-discovery for me ." A fan of Rhythm and Blues and jazz, the singer proved she was the queen of pop and a fantastic entertainer as she belted out `Crazy Kiya Re,' `Seekh Le' `Deedar de' and the likes while the audience danced and swayed to her voice. The piece de resistance however was `Beedi,' which had everyone clapping and singing along. As the curtains fell, it was a contended audience that went home. LIZA GEORGE