The fashion meter’s tipping towards wide-legged trousers and cropped tops

It’s time to ditch those skinny jeans and fitted pants. With summer just round the corner, the fashion focus is shifting to silhouettes that are more comfortable yet stylish. From fashion weeks to a regular day at any city college , it’s the cropped tops and loose-fitted trousers that rule the roost. Not necessarily teamed together, these fashion must-haves have taken college campuses by storm.

“Loose-fitted pants are definitely very in and I enjoy sporting this style. Given that the mercury has already begun soaring, wide-legged pants are very comfortable while also upping the style quotient. This style works best for day wear so I team it up with a fitted top, to balance out the looseness of the pants. I love experimenting with it when I go shopping or for coffee with friends,” says Rashi Misra, a student.

For another student Ridhi Asrani, it is the cropped top that works this season. “Since I’m petite the style works very well for me. I usually wear a cropped top with high-waisted pants or with a high-waist skirt. It looks really good and works very well for both a coffee or an evening out. I like wearing loose pants as well and I team them up with a well-fitted top. With this look I like to stick to plain colours,” she says.

With both the styles being celebrated at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week, designers too are gung-ho about the look. “Cropped tops can be carried off very well by the younger crowd. They look very chic and trendy and can be teamed up with high-waist skirts and pants for a very stylish look. Solid colours look smart and sophisticated and one must avoid too many prints when experimenting with this look,” says designer Ishita Singh. “Given the season, flared pants make sense apart from being fashionable. One can experiment with pants that have box pleats till the waist and then open up or even something with a thick belt,” she adds.

According to fashion writer Karishma Rajani, pyjama pants are a great trend this season. “You do need to be a certain body type to sport this look but it helps you move away from the traditional chudidars and salwars. Pyjama pants look great with tops, tunics or long kurtas and anybody can work the look to their advantage. The look can work well for a casual brunch and if you do want to wear it to work then use crisper material and structured silhouettes,” she says.

If a muffin body shape is keeping you away from that cropped top, Karishma suggests wearing a looser silhouette that can be teamed with a jacket. “Given that the cropped top shows only the upper waist, it is the safest option. Create a look so that you don’t expose more than an inch and team the top with a jacket to take the focus away from bulges. It is a good trend for everyone,” she says.


Wear it right

* Team a cropped top with a ghagra skirt for a slightly Indian look

* For those with toned figures a velvet crop top with a high waist lycra skirt looks very chic

* Pyjama pants look great with tunics and long kurtas

* Loose fitting pants with box pleats till the waist look great, as do thick belts on loose pants

* Team up a brightly coloured or printed pant with a neutral coloured top or vice-versa

* Well-fitted jackets will up the style quotient for both cropped tops and loose pants

Cropped tops look chic and trendy and can be teamed up with high-waist skirts and pants for a very stylish look

Designer Ishita Singh