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Trend The new age sari makes it to the mainstream even for the 20 somethings

Myth : Saris are occasional wear; not anything 20-somethings want to be spotted in.

Fact : Saris in light fabric make it an everyday wear; light saris are becoming a favourite for causal wear with youngsters

‘It is so hot that I want to peel my skin and sit in my bones’ goes up an FB status message. ‘Check out the new range of light saris in light fabrics in delectable shades’ goes up another. When the mercury soars and wedding cards reach our doorsteps, just the thought of ‘how am I going to wear a sari in this heat’ make one nervous. This is followed by a mad hunt of the wardrobe, which will be ‘something light and comfortable.’ If the wardrobe fails, it’s a hunt at the store.

So, is sari meant only for special occasions? Surprisingly the trend seems to be changing; saris are accepted in the wardrobe along with other summer wear. The rule is- they should be in light cottons, chiffons and the latest entrants — light silks.

Boutique owner Merryn Mathew who also sells saris online under the brand name of ‘iha’ says, “Heavy weight silks are definitely a turn off during the summer. But with the market introducing light silks, silks aren’t a block anymore. Saris are getting accepted as mainstream wear, even for special occasions, irrespective of the temperature. In a way the sari wearing habit is influenced by upbringing where one is told ‘it is meant to be worn when you grow up.’ I have youngsters asking me for saris for casual dinners and get togethers. Twenty somethings are finding it fashionable to be seen in a sari and it is a great trend changer.”

Merryn’s FB status quotes Shobhaa De : ‘I have an emotional bond with my sarees. They are like comfort food. I flirt with other garments...other silhouettes. But I always come back to the one look that is timeless, elegant and flattering - the eternally alluring sari.”

Merryn points out that the game changers have been the new breed of Maheshwari and Chanderi saris.

Some love to break myths about fabrics and also promote local ones. For them wearing saris to work every single day is a matter of fun. As someone in the hotel business Mamta Singh, director of Taj hotels and palaces, Hyderabad needs to be dressed in saris, or rather prefers to be dressed in a sari. She says, “Nothing can beat the chiffon. I don’t agree with the concept of chiffons being hot and uncomfortable. I come from Rajasthan, where it is very hot and there women always wear chiffons . It is extremely comfortable, light weight and zero maintenance. I do love cottons but I cannot think of wearing a cotton to work because it needs a lot of attention and care.

The chiffon will allow me to continue my day even in the evening with a slight change in accessories. As an evening wear, I would prefer a bold chiffon in a solid shade and during the day I prefer muted shades with prints to spread cheer around,” says Mamta.

However, some women have a different take on crepes and chiffons - and say, to wear these non-compromising materials the curves should be right.

Honey Jain Guha is a young Hyderabadi who loves her saris as much as she loves to be seen in a short dress.

“I personally feel saris suit me so at events where I can wear a dress I would easily ditch the dress and go for a sari. While I love the six yard, I have a lot of pre draped saris to step out for a dinner or go for a girlie night. I design as well and I wear most of my own creations.

I love using georgettes, crepes and nets and the variety of silks that have flooded the market.

My saris will always carry a traditional part of me. It could be the motif or the material.”





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