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Blue blooms Campanula
Blue blooms Campanula

Campanula can be grown on windowsills or trellises

Campanula belongs to the family Campanulaceae. Originally from Italy, `Campanu' (meaning `ball') refers to the shape of the flower. One species of the very large genus Campanula, Campanila Isophylla, known as `Italian bell flower' or `Star of Bethlehem,' is an easy-to-grow trailing plant and a popular house plant. Its small, heart-shaped, tooth-edged leaves are bright green and brittle, scattered along the much-branched, slender trailing stems. Star-shaped flowers are produced from leaf axils one to one- and-a-half inches wide and are pale blue. As the flowers are numerous, they hide the foliage. One variety bearing white flowers `Alba', and another having white and green variegated leaves called `Mayii' can be trained upwards on a small trellis or grown in hanging baskets or in pots. Flowering takes place for 2-3 months in summer. Full sunlight is not required as the plant does well on windowsills or even in shade. Water well and use rich sandy compost. Pinch off old flowers and cut back the stem to prolong the season. Propagation is through cuttings of young shoots or by dividing the moist roots. Feed standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks, since blue and white varieties bloom simultaneously and can be effectively grown together in one pot.CHITRA RADHAKRISHNAN




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