FASHION Lakshmi Keerthi talks about her Spring/Summer Collection which will be on display at Hatworks Boulevard

Driven by passion, it was in 2009 that computer engineer Lakshmi Keerthi gave up her career in the IT industry to pursue design. But she was no newcomer to the field. She says, “Although I am not from a design background, being creative was not a challenge.” Known for her creativity and innovation among friends and family Lakshmi has also won several awards on a global platform, “Besides, I have been designing clothes for myself from the age of 12 and as I grew older for other people as well.”

But leaving her cushy job and investing in her label, La’Kiru, was not easy she agrees, “There was a lot of pressure from the family particularly my father and father-in-law to keep my job. It was with the encouragement from my husband that my decision to pursue my passion became easier,” she says.

Her Spring/Summer collection for this season is all about an original, contemporary sense of style, “These creations are a playful amalgam of cuts and colours and geared towards comfort and functionality. I have drawn inspiration from the colours of the ocean and underwater sea creatures, they are such beautiful colours and they fascinate me. I used these colours as my base with contemporary block printing and delicate hand work to compliment the beautiful ocean colours.”

She breaks down her collection for ease, for us, “ Pelli-Kee , is an opulent and exquisite collection of designs for traditional and ethnic wear, the term originates from Telugu. And Bella Dea refers to a woman with beauty and brains – this line caters to custom made outfits to suit any occasion. Ra-v-k, these are designer blouses with an element of peek-a-boo, it is this attribute that makes it so appealing and attractive.”

Before she begins work on her next project, a wedding collection not only focusing on brides and grooms, but also the entire wedding party, Lakshmi’s Spring Summer collection will be on display at Hatworks Boulevard on April 5 and 6. For details call 9945000485.