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PARTICIPATION Works of ten artists from Karnataka feature in the show
PARTICIPATION Works of ten artists from Karnataka feature in the show

Art Lakshana's painting show features artists from Gulbarga, Dharwad, Hassan and other cities

While art activity seems to have picked up considerably in big cities in recent years, one observes that, barring a few exceptions, very often artists who get featured in commercial galleries are those from the cities themselves. Seldom are artists from outside the city encouraged by galleries, leave alone find sponsors and promoters. Consequently, many talented artists from rural and suburban centres continue to languish in obscurity. One is heartened to see that the group show currently on at Lakshana Art Gallery features ten artists of Karnataka, eight of whom come from Hubli, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Hassan, Tumkur, and Bijapur. Fifty-two-year old Mohan Sitnur who did both his BFA and MFA in graphics from Gulbarga has won State Lalitkala Academy Award as well as AIFACS Award (New Delhi); an actor on stage and TV, he has been honoured by the State Natak Academy as well. Sitnur chooses the medium of abstraction to give expression to his thoughts and images. Long streaks of dripping paint and interlocking lines set up a semi-expressionist facade to his paintings. Bijapur-based P S Kademani holds a degree in Art and post-graduate diploma in Art History. In his works, one can find a soft and mellowed look at man and nature. In a typical rural scene, Kademani paints a boy with a pair of wooden oxen in front a decorated home. In another work, the artist highlights the shape and contours of a broken tree, which has no green leaves or attractive branches; instead there is the omnipresence of a gigantic trunk from whose edges dangles a small and wiry spider.

Action and motion

Hassan-based artist B S Desai brings in elements of motion and action to his works through swift, swirling strokes, rich colouring; textured patches of floating forms are balanced against softened backdrops. Kishore Kumar who holds a BFA in Graphic Art from Bangalore University and Master of Visual Art in Painting from Kannada University, Hampi, roots his works in a suburban milieu. Partially shadowed faces of women, frolicking folk dancers and a sedate Buddha are all rendered in soft colours and subdued ambiance. Basawaraj Laxman Rao Jane (Gulbarga), Madhu Desai (Dharwad), M C Chetti (Hubli) and V R Biradar (Gulbarga) are the other participating artists in the exhibition, which also displays the works of Bangalore-based painters, M S Murthy and A M Prakash. The exhibition concludes on March 23. For details, contact Lakshana Art Gallery, Race Course Road. Phone: 22207946. GIRIDHAR KHASNIS




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