From clothes to furniture, ADARSH GILL has designs on them all

Fashion designer Adarsh Gill has recently added a few new lines to her label in Delhi and Mumbai. They range from clothes with newer cuts for both men and women to home accessories. She has named them Adarsh Gill Home, Adarsh Gill Men and AG2.Her AG2 is a peppy line for women. It presents a young Western look and focuses on the teenage group.

An assortment

It includes an assortment of skirts with corsets in lively colours, besides halters and backless tops in animal prints, silk and georgette. Laces and frills in the hemlines complete the chic look. Sequin work with crystal dominates the look. But according to the designer, "No Indian collection can be summed up without the staple of fashion, saris." So, her collection has saris with gota patti and pearl work. However, Delhi, she thinks is less fashion conscious. "Cities like Mumbai have a wider perspective towards new trends, and they are ready to experiment, whereas Delhi sticks to the typical style."Her new collection of upholstery boasts traditional designs with European motifs, polkas and lines, in what she calls romantic shades. Beautifully carved chairs in silver with brocade upholstery takes you back to the days of the Raj. She has also come up with a wide array of artefacts and home wares, like wine holders, cigar boxes, tea sets, candle stands in silver, and so on. Her accessories range from modern cuts and designs to sumptuous jali ka kaam in vases and showpieces. She even has silver dining tables.How much of a clientele do the silver dining tables command? "Very limited," admits Gill. "But enough to survive. NRIs have a fascination for antique works like this."