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Growing up we are taught to look beyond a person’s looks Today it’s the other way round. Who needs anything else as long as you have Guccis, Armanis and Louis Vittons. But what about those who can’t afford the labels? Just get creative with what you can actually afford. And for the end-of-month cash restrictions/young bees still on allowance; learn how to recreate what you already own. GAURI SHAH

Closet fashionista

You know how one sometimes picks up something but it doesn’t look half as fab when you’re at home; so you stash it away? The good news is that summer frocks are making a comeback! Take a scissor and snip away at the length till you get to what you’re comfortable with and hem the ends. (Tip: knee length is best. Don’t go too short.)

Similarly straight fit trousers/denims are back. But the boot cuts? Convert them into capris or shorts. You could also have them stone-washed into a different colour for a change. This one goes for the boys too, by the way.

Traditional speak

Mom’s/grandma’s antique style saris will be of use now. First sweet talk them into lending the saris to you, then take the gorgeous stone-work or hand-embroidered borders and make a stylish anarakli kurta that you can team up with gold/ silver leggings. Just make sure you take permission before you hand it over to the tailor! The heavy patches could also make a choli using the silk/chiffon for a ghagra. Men can get by using them to make a dashing short kurta to be teamed with jeans/patiala/salwar.

Jewellery trick

Remember those gaudy earrings that we thought we could pull off a decade back. Take the ear loop off and attach them to a chain or even a simple black string to make a really cool neckpiece. Guys, stud earrings are ‘cool’ again. Raid your sister’s/girlfriend’s dresser and pick bold colours.

P.S.: Other piercings are out.

A li’l this and a li’l that

Hoarders; you’re in luck! Scarves went out of style but they’re back. But don’t drape them around your neck. Loop them around your waist on skirts or around your head as a cheerful bandana. Boys, use these as a chic cravat. You know, the one Ranvir Singh/Shahid Kapoor drape around their neck on tees.


Fashion is at its most exciting because the gender line is fading. Girls, when your supply runs short raid the male closet (read brother/friend/even dad). Oversized shirts over leggings are a rage. Add a pleated tie or a big belt and you’re bound to grab attention! The boy Ray Ban shades suit almost every face type; just steal ‘em! Girly is out and unisex is in this season.





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