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LAUNCH The latest lines of apparel and accessories for men from Hasbro Clothing grabbed eyeballs at a fashion show

B asics 029 from the house of Hasbro advances a youthful lifestyle, which includes staying outdoors, exploring the world, roughing it out and playing hard. A band of models, sporting clothes and accessories from the latest Basics 029 range, enacted these facets of life, using mountaineering ropes, gumboots, a rugby ball, headphones and a music system as props.

Dramatic enactments of this kind added sheen to the unveiling of this men's range as well as those from two other Hasbro brands (Genesis and Probase), collectively titled “Cult of Basics Life – Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2011”, at Hotel Le Meridien recently. The Basics 029 denim collection (roughly in the price band of Rs. 2,499 to Rs. 3,199) was given a grand display in an artistic installation, and worn by the models in combination with Basics 029 accessories — low-cut shoes (Rs. 949) and high-cut double-layered ones (Rs. 1,199), colourful stoles (Rs. 399 to Rs.449), belts (Rs. 399) and back bags (Rs. 1,199 to Rs. 2,799). Other offerings include multipurpose cargos (Rs. 1,799), shirts in three styles whose names — roadies, denim and play — hint at the activities they have been designed for, bomber jackets, washed cotton blazers, waistcoats, knit jackets and funky tees.

Oozing elegance

Flamboyance gave way to sophistication and a happy-go-lucky attitude to a responsible mien as the models switched to parading around in clothes and accessories from Genesis, aimed at making officials, businessmen and professionals look more in control.

This line includes slim-fit shirts and trousers in shiny fabrics made out of Supima and Giza yarns, cardigans and sleeveless pullovers in 100 per cent cotton and portfolio bags. When the Genesis line was displayed — with reading glasses and umbrellas as props — Sting's ‘I'm an Englishman in New York' played in the background.

Surprise factor

As an unexpected interlude between the Genesis and the Probase lines, men in innerwear invaded the stage. This display was called “Boxers, Briefs and Bags”. The Probase line that followed was a riot of colour. T-shirts with loud prints spouting iconoclastic messages, bright and funky bags made in the shape of a shoe and cylindrical pillow, and accessories designed to catch the eye… the range is a paean to wild exuberance.

The fashion show ended with the Sattar brothers of Hasbro walking the ramp with the models.





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