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With adrenalin running high and engines revving, watch cars crash into each other and blow up in Discovery Turbo’s new series. This new car-crazy series, Stuntbusters premiers on December 31 and will air every Monday at 9.30 p.m.

Hosts Garrett Hammond and Vanessa Vander Pluym use high-tech lab equipment, cutting edge automotive technology and high-speed cameras to investigate all possible stunts with cars. Using cutting edge technology to measure momentum, friction and laws of gravity acting on a car, Stuntbusters explore the mysteries of engines, both old and new. Each episode will show the facts and myths behind the awe inspiring stunts cars perform.

Can a car protect you from a lightning strike? Garett risks his life testing the theory while the team pushes rubber to the limit to see how fast the tires explode. The bombs that blow the top of the car off, leaving it in shreds and the big guns that shoot out tires in getaway cars, and other Hollywood stunts are busted to reveal how it is done. To find the winner between the sturdy and the flashy, they crash a new and old car to watch which survives the test.

Metal turns to mulch, in a competition to find the strongest wheel and windshield. Using a high impact projectile to test the windshield and ramming a remote controlled car into one with Vanessa behind the wheel, cars are subject to human curiosity. Watch the Stuntbusters in this action filled show of adventure and science.




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