Paresh depended only on word of mouth to get his brand known. “If one person liked my clothes, he or she would tell others about it.” He defines his style as classic, yet contemporary. “I believe in great cuts, amazing finishes and proper structuring and embellishments.” Paresh “gets a high” whenever he sees anyone wear his creations.

Although Paresh loved south India, he was appalled at the poor fashion sense among men. “The women, on the other hand, are so elegantly dressed. Even a traditionally dressed woman here is well turned out and has poise, but the men did not look half as good as them.”

Paresh says that the key to dressing is to decide to look good. “The moment a man decides that he wants to make a statement, he will make an effort to be stylish.”

For those who think that clothing cannot compensate for plain features, Paresh says: “Clothes help you to make the most of what you have. Even a single accessory can make a difference.” In a styling and grooming manual that he had published for the Taj Group of Hotels, Paresh highlighted how suits can be accessorised in ways to enhance a person’s inherent style.

Paresh’s forte is in designing “structured clothing”. He observes that men look best in suits. In the last decade or so, he points out that there has been quite a progress in men’s fashion, but that it is still in its nascent stage. “Men’s fashion will reach its zenith in the next decade or so.”

Paresh agrees that there is less scope in designing men’s clothes than women’s clothes. He jokes that he prefers to stick to men’s clothing because women are fussy. It is not as if men aren’t, I point out, to which he replies: “I love connoisseurs. They are stylish because they are particular.”

Paresh says he can be inspired by anything, even though he puts in a fair amount of research. “At times I buy material from Italy and Japan to Lucknow and Benaras. I even have Kantha artisans in Bengal.”

The five must-haves in a man’s wardrobe, Paresh says are: “A pair of well-fitted denims; one nice, black suit; a white — not cream or off-white — shirt; proper pairs of shoes and accessories.”

As for his personal style statement, Paresh says he likes to dress according to the occasion, and he doesn’t like to overdress. He loves sports, travelling and meeting people. And, relatively unknown to many is that he prefers single malt whiskey over wine.

Paresh’s latest collection Sartorial Collezioni isn’t a seasonal one, but has clothing that can be worn till May-June, 2013. “There is winter wear, groom wear, tuxedos, club and even resort wear.” The Collection is available at his store.

Quiz him on who among the celebrities he knows dress well, and Paresh replies: “There are too many to name.” On more prompting he reveals that he admires S.M. Krishna, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Amitabh Bachchan and businessman Anand Mahindra’s style of dressing.

“Success makes a person look more attractive,” says Paresh, adding that the aura of a person is highlighted by their fashion sense.

The five must-haves in a man’s wardrobe are — a pair of well-fitted denims; one nice, black suit; a white — not cream or off-white — shirt; proper pairs of shoes and accessories