CINEMA Mithunam has been well received by audiences of all ages

Tanikella Bharani comes across as an easygoing person who does not appear to get bogged down by anything. His demeanour and body language put you at ease and he seems to be waiting to sit back and laugh.

His directorial debut Mithunam has been well received by the audience and the nuances in his cinematic essay have dazzled cinema goers.

His years on the stage as an actor and playwright appear to have paid off. Bharani has been able to speak the idiom of generations gone by and bring it alive on the screen. The subtle hints of love and affection expressed by the two characters leave you hungering for more.

“I cannot say I expected the movie to be so well received,” says Bharani. “I am very happy that my directorial debut has gone down well. I actually looked at it as some sort of net practice, but it turned out to be a tournament final performance.”

He adds, “The theatre managers and audience tell me that this is for the first time after so many years that the entire family was watching the same movie. In fact there are many cases where three generations of people have come to the theatre to watch it.”

Unspoken love

The subdued performance by the two characters SPB and Lakshmi have contributed to the film’s immense success.

The simple theme of the unspoken love and affection between a husband and wife that blooms again during retirement has struck a chord among the elderly. Mithunam is about the glaring absence of children from the lives of this couple. This is a reality that most families face today.

Bharani says that for long the elderly have been feeling neglected and cinema makers appear to have forgotten their existence. All the movies today are about youth and puppy love. Further, the treatment of the narrative often makes it difficult for the entire family to watch a movie together.

“After the accolades I have received for this movie I don’t know what else is left to achieve,” says Bharani. “I suppose only silence lies beyond.”

G.S. Subrahmanyam