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Motivating factors Small things can inspire us to achieve big goals in life
Motivating factors Small things can inspire us to achieve big goals in life

Post bills and stickers at spots where your eyes reach frequently and see how things fall into place

Long ago a businessman made lot of money. Before his last moments, he gave his son a box and asked him to open it before his (the son’s) final moments. The son too struck gold. Everything was fine for a long while. But as fate would have it, he started losing and finally became a pauper.

He contemplated suicide and reached a bridge. He then remembered the box his father had given him. He opened the box containing a yellowing brittle slip of paper, with words: “ This Too Will Pass” written in his father’s beautiful handwriting.

With that wisdom, his misery vanished instantly and he was a different man.

The post-it notes with messages refocus us in a sea of drift and forgetfulness. The message can be a piece of distilled wisdom of a lifetime, or a snap of prose that rises to the occasion or a snatch of a poem that sweetens the moment, or a symbol that invokes something that makes you are who you are.

Taped to monitors and CPUs, stuck on walls and fridges, encased in frames and holders, the words speak in friendly voices, cheerleading us to the goal, lifting us out of bouts of despair, putting us through paces. “It’s about reminding yourself of what you want to achieve with your work,” says designer Ramesh K., who has a billboard stuck on the wall behind his computer, ‘Simple and Stark.’ “As soon as I lift my head, the message beams,” he adds.

Among the posters of actors and actresses and WWF hunks in his stuffy room, Sridhar, an engineering grad, cello taped a message: ‘Finish the assignments.’

They keep one on the ball, prodding one to achievable action without spreading oneself too thin over too many projects. Dinesh M, with a great interest in ad making, sticks large colourful cards containing words and pictures on walls of his room. When he comes into the room or lies down on his bed. “I just keep looking at the storyboards,” he says.

These cool reminders also act as veritable memory devices. Mounika, a PG student in Botany sticks lists of hard-to-remember scientific names in her study. Glancing at them now and then, “gives me a painless way of remembering.”

She feels, “it has improved her recall,” both in discussions and exams. In helter-skelter wash of events and experiences, circumstances and responses, demands and responsibilities, the post-it notes bring a kind of order.





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