Fest Baskets with steamed delights along with tempura sushis make a perfect evening

Time to sharpen your chopstick skills and if you have already honed your skills then it’s show off time. Where? Where else but at the ongoing ‘Dimsum and Sushi fest’ at Mekong, Marigold Hotel. Chef Taraknath, who specialised in Pan-Asian cooking is delighted as he advises , “Eat as much dimsum as you want and I will make sure no one goes without developing a taste for sushi.”

Chef Taranath has a very logical approach. Keeping in mind the freshness of the meats and the availability of fish, he has decided to make the tempura sushi (with tempura prawns, fish and meat). “This is also a great way to introduce sushi to first timers. The rawness of the meats in sushi puts off people when they try for the first time,” he says.

The special dimsum and sushi menu will have you all excited. Each section looks better than the other and once again you will be stuck with the problem of plenty—what to choose and what not to.

For such situations the experts should be called for help and we decided to go by the chef’s suggestion—‘A dimsum platter’, of course, a non-veg one.

The wait for the steaming baskets is made more pleasant with bowls of stir fried snow peas and a drink to go with the prawn chip. Instead of whiling away the time, one can practise using the chopsticks (if you are not a pro already).

The fest isn’t just for non-veg lovers, it’s a great place for vegetarians to indulge. The chef has an equal number of ‘items’ in both the veg and non-veg sections of dimsum and sushi. Of the many varieties of dimsums which are served, the seven spice spring chicken and the prawn dimsum are winners. Then there are the Tibetan momos as well and the spicy pickle dip makes it just perfect. The dimsums are soft and steamed to perfection with a slight flavour of Chinese herbs with each bite. The veg selection looks quite colourful with coloured veggies peeping from the semi transparent covers. Try the steamed spinach dimsum with the greens steamed to perfection and yet retaining the fresh green texture. Some other names to try are prawn tempura sushi, Kappa maki - cucumber roll, and Ikura gunkan maki . Fest is on till December 16.