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CUISINE Juicy, succulent and yum - steaks are perfect meat meals

SaucyAnd a bit cheeky too
SaucyAnd a bit cheeky too

Grilling a perfect steak takes a lot of patience and practice. Many things must be taken care of, which may affect the quality of the steak. Selecting the meat, choosing the right cut, selecting the perfect seasoning, method of cooking, cooking techniques, resting the steaks, and the way you serve —all these seven steps are important in making a perfect succulent steak. Steaks taste best when served with sauce.

Spicy beef steak


Beef steaks (tender cut with plenty of fat)- 2 (boneless 1” thick pieces)

Ginger – garlic paste – one and a half tbsp

Lime juice - 2 tbsp

Butter - 2 tbsp

Salt - to taste

Freshly grind black pepper – One and a half tsp

Celery chopped - 2 tbsp

Soya sauce - 1 tsp


Clean and drain the steaks. Season with salt, pepper, ginger-garlic paste, lime juice, and chopped celery. Keep aside for half an hour. Heat a tbsp of butter in a 12” heavy pan.

Sauté steaks, turning frequently and keep on fire until it’s cooked to your choice.

Remove from the pan and let it rest (keep the steaks in a warm place for 5 minutes to ensure steak is juicy).

Sweet and sour sirloin steak


Sirloin steak (cut from the hip)-2 (1” thickness)

Freshly ground pepper-1 tbsp

Salt-to taste

Lime juice-1 tbsp

Ginger, garlic and green chillies-finely chopped (1 tbsp each)

Honey-1 tbsp

Olive oil-2 tbsp


Prepare a marinade using pepper, honey, salt, lime juice, chopped ginger, garlic and chillies. Clean the steaks and season on both sides with the marinade. Let it stand for half an hour.

Heat a grill and place the steak on the hot grill. Brush the steak with olive oil.

Turn the steak over and repeat on the other side until it is cooked. Remove from grill and let it rest before it is cut.

Mustard sauce


Butter-1 tbsp

Mustard crushed-2 tbsp

Lime juice-2 tbsp

Whipping cream- half cup

Green pepper crushed-1 tbsp


Melt and lightly brown butter in a pan, whisk in the remaining ingredients. Simmer on a low flame for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When thick and ready, remove from fire and spoon the sauce over the steaks.





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