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Music Mumbai-based Split, which launches its debut album ‘Counting Perfume', believes you don't need big budgets to make the first cut

Mumbai-based independent blues and rock-and-roll act Split launches its first album “Counting Perfume”. The band consists of Garreth D'Mello on vocals, Melroy D'mello on guitar, Aviv Pereira on guitar, Shekhar Mohite on bass and Varoon Aiyer on drums.

Garreth is all excited about this milestone. “Launching an album is possible. You don't need to chase music company executives, you don't need big budgets, you can do a lot of stuff cheap and on your own. But, it still is a pretty big deal.”

He adds: “It takes time, effort, and some money. You can decide the scale on which you want to do it. You have the option of recording at home and then promoting and releasing your music online, for free. Or, invest a little more into the whole thing and find the right people to work with.”

While some of the members are full-time musicians, they do have parallel projects in and beyond music.

Garreth, who also belongs to the band Dischordian, explains: “Music does take up a huge chunk of our time, and way past the point where it's something you just do on the side. As far as parallel music projects go, it's something you just play by ear. You take a call on what will work in which project, you prioritise. But priorities change on a regular basis, and there are overlaps. You might write a song that you do in multiple projects, and it's a substantially different song in each case. You might jam with some of the same musicians in very different projects, and very different sounds come out of them.”

About the road blocks that lead up to ‘Counting Perfume', he says: “Before we actually got around to doing this album, there were problems with budgets, finding the right producer, the band members' availability etc. This time, once we decided we were doing this album, there weren't any major road-blocks.”

The name of the album comes from the song ‘Counting Perfume' in the album, which in turn came from an intriguing phrase in a captcha code. Melroy stumbled upon it one day, and it fascinated him enough to be the starting point for a song.


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