A weekly column on stories that didn’t make it

Blurt it out

At a recent book launch in the city, the author opened up the floor to the audience and asked them to share stories of some of the wild things they might have done with their group of friends as teenagers. As usual, nobody was really willing to go first. Then, just as the first few tentative voices began to pipe up, the author tried to encourage them by saying, “It’s just us, you know, it will never go out of this room.” One audience member promptly pointed to the couple of journalists in the hall. And that was the end of that frank story-telling session.

Empty threat

Month ends are time when some of our wallets are empty. Sometimes it can be embarrassing and at other times it can be a comic relief during tense situations. This reporter had to go to the Chepauk stadium on an assignment. The venue was guarded like a fortress and followed stringent security measures. The security frisked her and then went through the contents of her humongous hand bag. “What is this?” she asked holding up an object. “Wallet,” the reporter replied. Not looking convinced she said “What?” Stressed that her fancy wallet might be confiscated, the reporter tried to explain in Tamil, “Money purse. Adhula naraya kaasu irukku (it has plenty of money in it).” The stern faced security cracked up after she went through every compartment and found only a crumpled 20-rupee note inside.

Look who’s busy!

Film stars are famous for playing hard to get. Recently, a Kollywood B-lister sought an interview through his PR to “discuss his new film”. But when the reporter tried to get in touch with the actor, he did not respond to phone calls and text messages. Later in the day, the miffed PR confessed, “Many actors don’t like to take calls immediately. They feel if they are easily available, it will send the wrong signal – that they are jobless.” As the reporter put the phone down, she thought about some A-listers who are always prompt to reply – even if it is close to midnight. Little wonder, they are on top of the ladder!