Australian researchers randomly placed 198 people with tennis elbow, ages 18 to 65, in one of three groups: the first received eight 30-minute physiotherapy treatments over six weeks, the second received a corticosteroid injection and those in the third were told to wait and see how the injury healed while using analgesic drugs and avoiding activity that would aggravate their pain. The study appears in the Online First edition of The British Medical Journal. The group that received the injections showed significantly better effects at six weeks than the other two groups, but the recurrence rate thereafter was 47 of 65 subjects, or more than 72 per cent. Recurrence rates for physiotherapy and for wait-and-see were less than nine per cent. Said Bill Vicenzino of the University of Queensland, the lead author of the study, "I tell people that the long-term outcome is not that great. " NYT