I have always celebrated Deepavali the traditional way. I can't bear the noise of crackers.

Spending time with friends and family is the best way to celebrate Deepavali. I light lamps, distribute sweets, eat good food and have a good time.



My idea of celebrating Deepavali is going to the temple and spending time with family. I also believe it's a festival that calls for charity work. By helping another person or poor people, your Deepavali will be that much more beautiful.

Lokesh Kumar

Software professional

A ll of us wait for that time of the year when lamps will be lit, crackers burst, pujas performed and sweets distributed. Deepavali, the festival of lights, is celebrated across India with pomp and splendour. Over the years, though, the festival has come to be increasingly associated with bursting noisy crackers.

Most youngsters enjoy bursting crackers during this special occasion, but this form of celebration hasn't found favour among most. The ill and the elderly, in particular, are adversely affected by the noise and pollution caused by crackers. Deepavali is also a time of terror and trauma for animals with umpteen pets running away and getting lost thanks to the sound and fury of the crackers. All the ear-splitting bombs cause untold damage to our ears and burn accidents seem a regular feature.

Is it time, then to celebrate Deepavali differently? A noise-free, green Deepavali perhaps. A deepavali that will help bring light into others' lives.

MetroPlus spoke to city residents to know whether they would like to celebrate Deepavali this year sans crackers. Most said they would love to. Many said they preferred celebrating the traditional way, the safe, noiseless way. While a few said they found no harm in bursting crackers. We sample some responses.

Puja, distributing sweets, having a good time. This is how Deepavali should be celebrated. Tradition should be followed.

I am happy that my family continues to celebrate the way our forefathers have. We prefer to light lamps



I have never liked bursting crackers even as a child. I like celebrating by having a good time with friends, lighting lamps, playing indoor games with family. As it is we have so much stress in our lives, the noise and smoke of crackers is bad for the nerves.