Food fest It is spicy, it is stir fried, it is colourful, it is a Korean food fest

Korean food? Steamed/boiled food? Or served raw? Bland? Is that what you think of when you hear Korean? Time for some correction. Korean food isn’t anything close to what we all think it is. On the contrary it is very colourful spicy and has fried and barbequed versions as well. The streets of Korea fest at Syn- Asian Grill and bar, Taj Deccan is looking at clearing these misconceptions and Chef Sajesh Nair says he is delighted to host the fest. As a chef, Sajesh has similar doubts until he met a Korean food expert years back when he was a sous chef and he says “I made sure I learnt enough and cleared all my doubts. For the fest, me and my team have customised a few dishes but the ones which I know will tickle our taste buds, have been kept authentic.” Sajesh also clarifies: “all parts of Korea don’t eat spicy food.”

The Festival features a choice of authentic street food like Samgyetang (tender chicken soup), Bulgogi (grilled marinated meat), Odeng (pureed fish loaves) and Kimchi (Spicy pickled cabbage). A sneak peep into the spice tolerance of the Koreans comes from the Kimchi salads. The one that takes the cake and is close to the spice (read chilli) meter of Rayalseema food is the rolled Korean cabbage in chilli pickle. It sets your mouth on fire.

If that’s not enough to make you reach out for a chilled glass of water or the lemony guava drink laced with salt on the rim of the glass, then go for the spicy squid and the clam soup.

The vegetarian options are surely limited but the ones listed on the menu are good for sure. The vegetarian dining option had to be restricted because of the unavailability of exotic vegetables in their fresh state.

After having relished the soup and squid, try the barbeque meats and fish. Bulgogi will be liked instantly because its proximity with taste to Chinese chilli stir fried meats. Bulgogi uses little more spices and herbs to give a unique taste to the palate tickling meats. Tenderloin Bulgogi is served medium rare so it is a must to be remember of the original taste getting lost if it is asked to be served well done.

To get an idea of Korean style and importance to presentation of food try the Bibimbap . Fish and prawns are also find place on the menu of this fest which is on till the end of the month.