New summer skincare treatments at Influence Spa

What has Influence Spa to offer this summer? There's a Dermo-Peel skin perfecting treatment by Thalgo, which can be adapted to all skin types, except acne-prone or sensitive skin. The active ingredients used include a combination of malic acid, lactic acid and citric acid which are exfoliators, and a brown algae extract Dermasensine that acts as a moisturising agent .

The other important elements in the treatment kit are Proline which helps boost the production of collagen and a red algae extract called Lipomoist, which forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin. A brown flax extract Sensiline, which prevents inflammation, completes the kit. The half-hour treatment sessions are spread over 6, 9 or 12 sittings, with one treatment a week, depending on the type of skin.

The new products under the Thalgo brand include an SPF 50 bio-protective sunscreen lotion, which contains Vitamin E, Hyposensine, Sun Ytol and Mirual to keep the skin hydrated. The Integral Dermo-Peel Programme (single session) helps treat wrinkles and fine lines. This package contains lotion pads, soothing neutraliser pads and repairing masks. The peeling lotion is rich in green tea and plant acid complex. The peeling lotion is fragrance-free; while the neutraliser and the repairing mask have floral fragrances.

Influence is located at Wallace Garden and Poonamallee High Road. For appointments, call 45038436 / 42974444 or 91769 04115.