Soma shop, initially an exporting company got into the Indian retail in 1995. Soma shop carries several geometric and abstract motifs but floral prints make a larger presence in their clothes and furnishings which reflect love, romance, acceptance and compassion. Designers from around the world contribute to Soma's repertoire of designs and prints, ideas flow freely from many source. Soma products are sold in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Newyork, Melbourne, and Tokyo apart from many other cities of the world. Radhakrishnan Nair, Manging Director of Soma is very much delighted to see the company listed among the top 20 shops of the world by Forbs Magazine of USA.

Soma came to Cochin in 2008. It has created a niche for itself among the elite circle. The people here love the product for its unique print and colour combinations.

"Soma's block printed cloth reflects the touch of the human hand, the sensibility and skill of the craftsman; every piece unique. Soma is first of its kind in Cochin city. Now it has moved on to the main stream of Panampilly Nagar with an amble car parking.Soma is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when work ethic and skill are applied to an ancient craft. Drop in to Soma Shop , 39/5167, Avenue Junction, Panampilly Nagar, for an over-the-top shopping experience".