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COMEBACK QUEEN Sada doesn't plan her career
COMEBACK QUEEN Sada doesn't plan her career

Sada is excited about her next film

Sada, who has resurfaced after a long hiatus, says she was not in hiding but doesn't like "intrusions" into her personal life. "I really don't like to let the world know what I'm doing every day of my life. I was not hiding anywhere. The truth is I was working like a zombie for the past three years and it was only in 2006 I had some time to breathe. So I had a whale of a time, hitting the gym, watching umpteen movies, relaxing and doing my own thing," says Sada.Jayam and Aparichitudu have made her a household name but the actress is still not seen in many movies. She disagrees, "After doing Veerabhadra here, I got busy in Tamil and Kannada films and I didn't have time for projects here. Plus my PR skills is zilch, I can't distribute fresh pictures and portfolios to websites and producers to make my presence felt. Right now as an actor my future commitments keep me grounded and there is so much to prove . I need to get a better grip on my roles and the characters that I portray each time. I don't plan my career, I go with the flow."Sada is excited about her forthcoming film Classmates, which is a remake of a Malayalam run away hit that revolves around campus life and reunion of a band of friends. She says, "I watched the Malayalam film only later. The story is something that cannot be narrated; you got to see the film. It's a role that I enjoyed tremendously, it was like going back to college, and I'm also into a Ram Gopal Varma bilingual project with Madhavan."Though Sada has been living in Mumbai for a long time she had hardly made any friends. "I am an introvert and a complete home person. I have never been to a discotheque or a pub in my life to socialise or party. I don't even know how a pub looks like. I watch a lot of films and read and as far as career is concerned, I believe that whatever goes around, comes around. I have never been overtly ambitious; I'm a very content person. You know eventually if a film is a hit or a flop, you can't control it. So I just do my work, and move on." Sada is not romantically linked in real life and her kind of man is the type of person who will appreciate the real Sada (and not be carried away by her glamorous image). For a girl who has a father hovering around her protectively and believes in bedtime prayers, here's looking at you Miss Beautiful Face.Y. SUNITA CHOWDHARY




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